When noone in group chat answers you

how to deal with your kid being trans


1. buy them new clothes and other accessories to make them feel more comfortable
2. slam dunk the old clothes into the nearest donation center where they belong
3. respect your child’s identity and use whatever name and pronouns they want you to use


surprise your friends at rock paper scissors by throwing a punch instead


when somebody acts in a way that repulses you but cant speak up about it






there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

The difference is citations.


i am so pro-selfie

you take those selfies.

you take those selfies and look cute as heck

you take those selfies and build your self confidence

because you are cute as heck and you deserve to be confident in yourself because youre an awesome person

if anyone says any differently they are a rotten cabbage who doesnt know anything

now go take more selfies so i can reblog them and talk about how gosh darn cute you are


the party dont start till i walk out


[watch the video]


“man i am so tired” stays up for 3 more hours doing absolutely nothing


#gOD YOU LO v E EAC HT OTHER S OF UCK ING MUCH #hELp mE, #perfectly spelled otp tag, #perfectly spelled character tag




merlin really takes “undressing him with his eyes” to a whole new level


what the fuck i dont watch this show but did merlin just take off arthurs pants what what

merthur dont need manips

your url actually makes it even better

❝ my first girlfriend turned into the moon ❞


that’s rough, buddy


i feel so bad for mycroft though, because he knows how badly his little brother is in love with john (“might we expect a happy anouncement?”, “i warned you, don’t get involved” etc.) and i feel like he’s so tempted to just go and tell john the whole damn truth but i’m certain sherlock must’ve forbidden him to do so at some point so all mycroft can do is watch his brother’s heart slowly break, bit by bit


I’m proud of you. I’m proud that you made it through the night. I’m proud that you made it to a new week. I’m proud of how strong you are. I proud of every good decision you make. I’m proud of every good thing you do.

I’m proud of you.


Let’s show this shot of Sherlock looking longingly at John’s chair but not John and Mary getting married

mr pond